Книга: French Lancers
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Книга: French Lancers

Рубрика: Военная история

French Lancers. by Nigel deLee illustrated by Emir Bukhan
Almark Publishing Co. Ltd., London, 1976
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Кол-во страниц: 48
Изображения: цветные рисунки

In French Lancers Nigel de Lee describes their weapons and training. The lance was not easy to handle, it could be a deadly weapon in the hands of an intelligent horseman or 'the slowest, heaviest, most beastly and useless in the hands of an idiot.' Vivid personal accounts of battles and skirmished have been used by Nigel de Lee to explain the organization, formations, and tactical employment of Lancers. The text is accompanied by color illustrations and diagrams by Emir Bukhari.

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