Журнал: Elektor Electronics №05 (May) UK, [2008, PDF, Eng]
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Журнал: Elektor Electronics №05 (May) UK, [2008, PDF, Eng]Table of Contents Elektor May 2008

* Mailbox May 2008
* Display Computer
M16C mini board with graphics, programmable in C and Basic
* DigiButler (2)
assembly, test and software installation
* Two-wire LCD
ATM18 display for the Elektor AVR project
* Elektor AVRprog
Simple AVR universal programmer with USB
* Soldering SMDs with Reflow Control
Simple job thanks to comprehensive kit
* paX: a power amplifier with error correction (2)
The voltage amplifier and input buffer stages
* Protection system for power amplifiers
An indispensable companion for the paX amplifier
* MikroElektronika EasyPIC5 Development System
* Tiny Counter
Frequency counter module using ATtiny2313
* Measuring on the PC Display
Software for measuring purposes
* E-blocks: Flowcode Interrupts
Who’s afraid of INT?
* An SPI-networked Microcontroller
design tip
* Symmetrical square wave
design tip
* Hexadoku May 2008
Puzzle with an electronics touch
* Alibi-Nota telephone answering machine (1972)


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